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It’s a snowball crafting, penguin mashing, dynamite throwing fun! Fend off waves of flightless birds in the name of gaining the ultimate skill - flight. Who deserves it more? Humans or wingless animals?

Apparently, you’re the first to discover the ancient medallion that grants the bearer ability to fly. Unfortunately local penguins already got the whiff of opportunity and are now trying to claim their rights to treasure.

Think quickly and act accordingly, avoid blows dealt by desperate penguins and try to fight back. Combine and utilize surrounding objects - adapt to ever increasing difficulty level. Earn points - higher the score, closer to the top of leaderboard you get.
Master the art of snowball building, pitch fast ones or roll massive balls of ice down the slope that stops everything in it’s path. In the end only thing that matters is keeping those pesky birds off your precious artifact.

Wingless is a game for everyone looking for classic defense experience with a bit of crafty twist. Built from scratch using the Unreal Engine 4 for VR platforms - HTC Vive and Oculus Rift alike.

The game will be available on STEAM and Oculus Home soon.


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