Protect the mysterious cave from the monstrous darkness that threatens to ravage its walls.

Wingless Halloween Update
🎃 Halloween is nearly upon us, so what better time to play very scary VR game!

Check out the New Halloween update for Wingless with completely new scary assets: spooky dancing skeletons, loads of ghosts, background tombstones and our original Pumpkin Spice Witch ®

🔥 Grab 60% Off Halloween Super Deal on Steam:
👉 Wingless on Steam
Wingless premiere at Good Game Warsaw Expo
Between 1th and 4th of June we were honored to present our new product "Wingless" during Good Game Warsaw. Our stand was visited by countless players demanding VR experience. This was the first time we had presented our game to a wider audience and had the opportunity to listen to ideas related to further development and evaluation of the work done so far. PTAK EXPO we miss you already...
Visit our stand at Good Game Warsaw
Visit our stand (C426) at Good Game Warsaw this weekend! Meet us and see our latest games!
This is a game made from the roots for needs of virtual reality platforms like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, offering high immertion and dynamic gameplay. Become the dicoverer. Combine, use surrounding objects and try to get used to new difficulty levels. Try to get higher score to get to the top of the best players rank.
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Castle Crusher
Unleash destructive power of cannons.
Aim precisely and destroy enemy strongholds quickly, accurately, and at ever-greater distances.
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Fantasy Tower Defence 3D
Defeat countless enemy waves trying to make their way into your territory. As the game progresses build more and more turrets, upgrade them, and wreak havoc upon those that try to cross you.
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