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Based on the physics of our previous battle simulator games, Boxy Strike Battle Simulator provides you with the boxy characters battlefields and warzones. This game is the not just like other battleship games but has added features that makes it stand out amongst the rest of the battle simulators. It is a new battle simulator with full grid usage and helps you simulate war battles and win tactical wars. This games provides you with an ultimate battle experience with 19 unique boxed units like knights, archers, footman etc.

The boxy warriors are fighting to save their land from the enemy. They need your leadership and strategy to win this epic battle. Boxy Strike Battle Simulator is the best strategy game which requires every move to be planned correctly or it will cost you your life and the battle.

Now it’s up to you to build an unstoppable army of boxed soldiers, take on unforgettable ultimate battles, work out totally accurate battle strategy, conquer your enemies and seize victory. Jump into battlefield with 19 unique units, realistics battles, multiple enemies and often updates!

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